Andrew Perrault

Alumni (next position)

  • Jiaqi Xu (senior thesis: Using Machine Learning to Optimize Multi-objective Infectious Disease Control. MS, University of Michigan CSE.)
  • Chenwei Xu (undergrad research. MS, Northwestern.)
  • Rachel Guo (senior thesis: On the Effect of Ranger Patrols on Deterring Poaching. PhD student, Stanford ICME.)
  • Soumik Mandal (MS. Amazon.)
  • Gayatri Balasubramanian (senior thesis: Lookahead Agent Analysis in Long-Run Fairness Simulation. US Army.)
  • Alaisha Sharma (undergrad research. Palantir.)
  • Anya Zhang (senior thesis: Learning Equilibrium Strategies in Election Networks. Benchling.)

On a hike in Columbus, Fall 2023.